We visited this food truck today for the first time and we tried the carne asada fries. They are beyond amazing! Perfect combinations of flavors. Sweet and savory. And the creaminess of the avocado was the perfect touch. I am excited to try the rest of the things on the menu!!
Juana M.

Go Fusion was recommended to my fiancé and I as we were looking to have a food truck serve a late night snack to our guests at our wedding. They didn’t disappoint! We (including the guests) all thought their food was delicious. We really enjoyed their carne asada fries and asada hot dogs. Eddie was very easy to work and was helpful in coordinating a menu for us. Highly recommend!
Jason Z.

I was blessed with the opportunity to eat at Go Fusion N Grill at the Natural History Museum Summer Nights Event. Their teriyaki quesadilla and carne asada fries are delicious! I’m literally salivating thinking about it. Not only is the food so flavorful and tasty, it’s reasonably priced with generous portions. I can’t wait for them to pop up again!
Haruko I.

This is my favorite food truck. Went to a event with friends and kids/babies and Go Fusion N Grill was a one stop shop for us. We had 4 adult dished and 2 from the kids menu and they all where a hit! All in all us parents couldn’t be happier with this truck. Thank you Go Fusion N Grill
Matthew G.

So they came down to UC Riverside for Heat 2017. Honestly, the food here was the highlight of the event for me! I am still thinking about that burrito! It was so good! It has fresh made, hand-cut French fries, teriyaki chicken and beef, with a cilantro coleslaw, a sweet sauce which I’m thinking was teriyaki sauce, and creamy sriracha sauce. It was the best thing I’ve had eaten in a long time. My mouth is literally watering right now as I’m writing this! I am willing to go all the way from riverside to San Fernando valley to find this food truck, and get me like two, three burritos. One for that moment, one for the way back home, and one for when I get home… Make it four, so I can eat one later that day! Lol seriously delicious!
Cynthia C.

Well, I guess I’ll just start out by saying that burritos are my favorite food, and this is the best burrito I’ve ever had.

When I heard that they had burritos, I was really happy! And then I found out they were Asian fusion, and I thought that would be a bummer. I asked the guy to describe it, he said it has like a Hawaiian barbecue sauce. Okay, I’ll go for it. I had the chicken burrito made vegan, so I think it had everything in it except the chicken.

I honestly couldn’t describe the flavors to you. I wouldn’t say Mexican, I wouldn’t say Hawaiian barbecue- I would say that this is a unique burrito experience that tops them all. This goes to new levels. The best I can do is just say that there’s a great mix of textures, and it’s both tangy and savory. And also, no need to get a side of the spice dusted fries, since they already come in the burrito.

I am so happy with this find, and if they made more vegan dishes, that would be great, though I don’t think I really want to stray from this burrito. In fact, based on how amazing they are at a vegan burrito, they would do well to create more veggie dishes and cater to vegans – vegan people would go NUTS for this truck. I’m planning on bringing my family back to this truck to try it. These guys are burrito wizards!
Jessica S.

Just tried this truck at the Encino Street Fair and all I can say is YUM!! I’m typically weary of food trucks, as I think most are overhyped (in my personal opinion). I’m a vendor and couldn’t wait to eat any longer, so figured I’d give this truck a try. So dang delicious!! I had the Carne Asada Fries that were bomb!!
Kylie H.

Who knew fries could get you out of depression…these Carne Asada fries gives everyone a perfect reason to cheat on their diets and it leaves everyone with a happy belly! Definitely the BEST Carne Asada Fries anywhere in Cali (and I’ve tried a lot of different versions)! I went to Go Fusion N Grill every Friday for months at Granada Hills and when they weren’t there I would message them asking where they were! Their Instagram keeps their customers up to date on where they are. You honestly can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Go find them and treat yourself to some good food!
Nicole G.